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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Interview & What's in her bag with Amina K.

Ask any fashionable celebrity or even a normal fashion loving Egyptian girl about what's her favourite Egyptianready to wear designer, and she will answer without hesitation Amina Khalil. Amina the girl behind the prominent local brand Amina K. has sucessfully engraved her name deep in the Egyptianfashion scenewith her gorgeous authentic designs, that always manage to highlight our traditions and culture either through the fabric choice, or through the cut itself.

Amina will be soon launching her latest summer 2014 collection through a fashion show that will take place at Amuse concept store next Saturday. We will be covering the fashion show live, so make sure you are following us on Instagram: (Nohayoussef) for the updates.

We had the chance to interview the young designer and take a glimpse of what's inside her bag.

- Tell us more about yourself ?
 As being an Egyptian fashion designer now I would like to tell you that becoming a fashion designer wasn't a decision taken all at once it was a gradual development. My love for clothes was there ever since I was 10 years old. It is something I developed over the years as I was growing up. Although I wasn't an art student throughout high school yet I always enjoyed working with my hands. I started out in American University in Cairo studying Mass Communication for a year and realized that this was not for me. So I moved to London and started my Fashion Design and Marketing Degree and automatically knew this is my passion. Throughout High school, University and after I graduated I did various internships in different fields of the Fashion industry loving every side of it. So one thing lead to another and here I am making a career out of my love for clothes and accessories.

- How and why did you start Amina K.?
Amina K. started out first as a side project while I was still interning and studying in London. I used the concept I developed for my graduation collection as a starting point for my brand. I started by creating limited one off pieces and selling through trunk shows, open days and a few boutiques in Cairo. As the demand was increasing I realized that I needed to take this side project to a more professional level. So I moved back to Cairo, registered my Company and here it is now Amina K. 5 years later.

- How do you see the fashion scene in Egypt?
I think the fashion seen is growing. There is definitely a new fashion movement happening in Egypt. People are becoming more fashion aware and are constantly following new trends. There are many up and coming designers, new boutiques, new international labels, new fashion magazines as well as fashion blogs the fashion Industry in Egypt. But although we are moving forward as an industry I think we still have a long way to go.

- If you have to change one thing in the way Egyptian dress, what will it be?
I would change how Egyptians sometimes tend to follow trends that do not necessarily go with their body type or style in general but they still choose to wear it because they know it's in. People should learn to wear what suits their character what matches their body type in order to look good in whatever they wear.

-Who is you role model in fashion designing?
Karl Lagerfeld, because of his timeless deigns. He is able to maintain his brand image season after season using the same classic black and white Chanel look but always offering something new and fashion forward. He has been able to create a clear and stable image for the Chanel brand.

- Bags or shoes?
 I have a weakness for both and I think they can both transform your look.

-Favorite clothing item you like to design? 
I love designing dresses because there is so much you can do. So many fits, fabrics, cuts and different silhouettes that can be used in the making, which gives me the chance to become more experimental in my designs.

-So What do you have inside your bag ?
Sketchbook, wallet, Amina K. sunglasses, iPhone, car key, keys, hand sanitizer, lip balm, lipstick and hand lotion.


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