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Friday, June 1, 2012

Azza Fahmy Fashion 2012 Collection by Amina Ghali

Azza Fahmy Jewellery has launched its new Fashion 2012 collection designed by Amina Ghali. The new collection is so modern and trendy, mixing Azza Fahmy's authenticity signature with Amina Ghali's playful and funky designs. I think if I am not wrong it's one of Amina's biggest and most varied collections, I love that the collection has something for everyone even for men. See what my favourite pieces are;

Charm Filigree Bracelet
Silver T-Lock chain bracelet adorned with a layer of beaded stones and a dangling round floral-inspired charm encrusted with a Garnet stone.

Silver/Gold Charm Bracelet, Silver and gold double-layered T-lock bracelet adorned with multiple charms embellished

with hand-pierced filigree, geometric and floral-inspired motifs, and a beautiful

assortment of colorful stones.

Metallic Gold Layered Earrings
Metallic gold Layered hoop earrings with geometric-inspired triangular motifs and signature calligraphy reading the word

Enamel Earrings
Silver drop-shaped earrings embellished with Enamel and beautiful geometric details.

Art Deco Earrings
Art Deco- inspired silver square shaped earrings encrusted with stones and adorned with a subtle eye motif complimented by geometrical muses.

Curve Cluster Earrings
Silver oval shaped earrings adorned with hand-pierced geometric- inspired motifs and a curved cluster of colorful stones.

Double-Sided Stack Rings
Double-sided silver and gold stack rings adorned with the word ‘
الشوق(Yearning), encrusted with beautiful colorful stones.

Unique Double-Finger Ring
Silver and Gold double-finger ring of a unique wearing mechanism, adorned with gold calligraphy
العمر السالم (The Safe life), encrusted with a cluster of colorful stones.

Double-Finger Rumuz Ring
Silver and gold double-finger ring adorned with hand and eye symbols on each side and a center-piece encrusted with stones.

Silver Gold Key Chain
Silver and gold key chain with a very unique closing mechanism, decorated with the words
العَين قلب البَصيرة(True vision is that of the heart)

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