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Sunday, October 19, 2014

What's Inside Her Closet? With Noha ElSherbiny

 We were the first to introduce "What's in her bag" featuring the Middle East's top fashion industry people, we loved this feature so much, and we are honored to see other blogs get inspired by what we do. But as we always are looking for something new.. I introduce to you our new series of What's inside her closet. I will be personally going to the Middle East's fashionistas and celebrities capturing and styling what's inside those divas' closet. What are the unique pieces they have, how they shop and where and share it excusvely with you girls.

For our first post of this kind, we chose Egypt's sweetheart Noha ElSherbiny. Noha is a beautiful outside and inside lady, she is a mum and wife and also one of the top Egyptian fashionistas and Instagramers, in just few months she succeeded to establish a wide base of fans and followers,lusting over her style. What I love about Noha is she can effortlessly matches high brands with high end and add her signature touch with some local designers pieces. She loves to support her own country brands and show to the world how different and unique our style is.
 We visited Noha at her house with Photographer: Pola Salem, Pola is fashion and wedding photographer with an artistic touch, who helped me a lot in this post, he is passionate about fashion and loves to capture spontaneous photos and selfies :)

I asked Noha few questions about her style and how she shops
what is your style like?
I cant really describe my style. I usually dress what I feel like at the day. But I usually like to add an edgy to my style. For example, if am dressing too feminine one day, I'd look for something to funk it up.
- how often do you shop?
Topshop is on top of my list. Zara, River Island, Urban Outfitters and of course local boutiques according to the country I am visiting. I also go for some pieces from affordable luxurious brands. 
- where do your look to shop in Egypt?
Mainly zara and egyptian designers
- Do you like online shopping?
Yes, Ofcourse
- How do you organize your closet?
Am not very organized I have to say. But I tend to take care of
My bags and shoes
- What is your favourite city to shop from?
- Do you give your old clothes away, or like to keep them if they will every get back in style?
I usually keep precious stuff. Things that hold memories. But there are things that I no longer need that I give away
- What is your favourite piece of accessory/ clothing you own?
The bag, that was once owned by my grandmother.

Glittery Toms

Maria lucia Lohan and Nan's Closet Dress
Details from Nan's closet dress
BCBG Dress

Louboutin loves Chanel

Alia Khafaga earrings
Some of Noha's beauty essential, left to right:MAC Russian Red lipstick, Victoria's secret bronze lotion and L'occitane emulsion.

Ones of her signature scents Roberto Cavalli and Laya

Dior and Strdivarius

for the love of Chanel
Noha's grandmother handbag, a favourite piece in her closet.

The Shoot's lovely team. Pola Salem- Photographer, Mervat Ben Gied- The blog content assistant, Heba ElKaissy-Our shoot guest and dear friend (Makeup Artist), and of course Noha Al Sherbiny

Acting Silly :)