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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Artistic Thursday: Arts-Mart

Last Friday marked the highly anticipated launch of acclaimed online gallery Arts-Mart’s first permanent physical art space, Arts-Mart The Gallery. The innovative online platform now presents Egyptian artists a tangible space where they can interact with their audience whilst providing the public with meaningful experiences and encounters with the visual arts in a relaxed and modest environment.

Founded in Egypt in 2009 by the inspiring founders Lina Mowafy, Dina Shaaban and Hatem Zaazou, Arts-Mart is the first and largest online gallery in the Middle East. With its new addition of The Gallery, Arts-Mart will offer a holistic approach to the art scene and further solidify its hold as becoming a cultural epicentre and a microcosm of the best the city has to offer. “The Gallery is conceived to unify art enthusiasts and our artists under one roof by their mutual interest in art. Whether you are just discovering art or an art expert, we wanted a physical space for our artists to interact with their audience and an exciting setting for our clients to experience,” explains co-founder Shaaban.

photo credit: www.Cairozoom.com
photo credit: www.Cairozoom.com
  To celebrate the opening, Egyptian artist Mohamed Abla displayed an exclusive collection of his work spanning across 30 years. The prolific artist, renowned for capturing intimate moments within Egypt’s history and concerns in society, presented to viewers the rare opportunity to glimpse his homages to the country. 

photo credit: www.Cairozoom.com
photo credit: www.Cairozoom.com

photo credit: www.Cairozoom.com
 Like its digital sister, The Gallery is able to establish itself  among the cultural leaders within the world of art by guaranteeing art aficionados across the globe unrivalled access to work from an eclectic mix of today’s contemporary up-and-coming Egyptian artists including Ibrahim El Tanbouli, Omar Abdelzaher, Abdelwahab Abdelmohsen, Mohamed El Damarawy, Mohamed Rabie, Aya El Fallah, Mohamed El Sharkawy, El Zaeem Ahmad and Arts-Mart very own Lina Mowafy among others. 
photo credit: www.Cairozoom.com

photo credit: www.Cairozoom.com

photo credit: www.Cairozoom.com

photo credit: www.Cairozoom.com

photo credit: www.Cairozoom.com
Arts-Mart possesses a forward-thinking creative vision; which they hope to keep renewing for years to come with plans to host education programmes and stimulating exhibitions at its new permanent space, acting as a hub of culturally diverse artwork that is accessible to the public for buying, research and appreciation.

The heightened authentic and interactive experience that The Gallery brings coupled with the accessibility and affordability of the online boutique results in a truly distinct product that sets itself apart from anything else currently in the marketplace. 

For more information, please visit the website: www.arts-mart.com

Pashion's Fashion Night Out

Something is really amazing will be happening next Saturday 13/12 at the Four Seasons, First Mall in Giza. Pashion's 4th fashion night out, something that I have always to attend but always missed it because I was always traveling, but this year it came before I will just leave for my vacation. There will be more over 60 local Egyptian designers exhibiting their work. The designers are encouraged to show their work with a creative twist as there will be no tables, no stands to give the typical bazaar look. I am so looking forward to see what all of these designers have in boxes for us. There will be a lot of things happening in parallel to this, entertainment, workshops given by Azza Fahmy school, and also there will be private cocktail receptions.

 Here is a list of participating designers:
Dima Jewellery
18k Gold RB by Rawya Barrada
NAZEEKA, bags and more.....
Rola Bijoux
Dido Embaby's Calligraphy & Jewellery Design
Amina K.
Dans tout ses Etats By Nadine Chamaa
Georges Sara & Co.
NourZen Accessories
Dina shaker
Threads Boutique
Mohamed Al Sagheer Group
Fashion Jumia Egypt
Aya Afify
lina chawky jewellery designs
Air Marin Accessories
MEMA El Shafey
SHE designs
Cairo jewelry
AgroDolce Store
Sara Hegazy Masterpiece
Cairo Boutique
UU designes
La Toalla
MOJA Khafagi
Vintage Lab
Amany El Cherif
Villa Baboushka
Abdrabboh-S Design House
Fashion & Design Center -FDC-
Institut Technique de la Mode


Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Chloe's New Perfume

Chloe is and will always be one of the special perfumes to me. I wore it on my wedding day :) And this month marks the launch of a new fragrance by Chloe. You can get it from Sephora, Areej and Paris Gallery across the GCC. I will be getting this. who wants a review ?


My Visit To Aura

Upon entering Aura furniture conecpt store at the Red Sea Mall Jeddah, I felt like a confused Alice in Wonderland, getting invited for more than one tea party at the same time. and I am lost and I don't know at which dinning table should I sit.And for a moment I thought Aura is like no other furniture store I have shopped in before. Aura is an independent home fashion retailer based in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with retail stores in Panorama Mall, Riyadh, Dhahran Mall, Dhahran and a third location opening in Jeddah in July. The company offers affordable aura-branded furniture and home accessories to individuals looking for a distinct style that blends the best of the West and the Middle East.
 Aura offers super trendy contemprary furniture and home accessories, tableware and carpets. All reflecting the latest in the fashion world, yes they actually get their seasonal inspiration by the latest  colours and patterns in the fashion world. When I checked the prices I was surprise to find that all these lovely stuff are so much afforadble they have such great prices for such uber creative pieces and amazing quality.
I got so many lovely stuff that I am so looking forward to use in my house. I got the pink Arabic  coffee Dallah "pot" with the Arabic coffee cups set, couple of their signature cutlery sets, cupcake stands (you guys know my addiction to cupcakes)  and some other stuff, I am soon throwing a huge tea party for my girl friends and will be styling up some photos, wanna see photos? Follow me on Instagram: Nohayoussef and on Snapchat:nohaayoussef
 Aura ships their products worldwide, an info I heared that made me joyous as I am willing to get some chairs and sofas for our new house in Egypt. Because to speak the truth I could never find such beautiful things with these super affordable prices else where/ The company also will soon launch an eCommerce initiative to allow customers across the region online access to the collections.

Their products are manufactured in 25 different countries like Portgoual, India, Saudi Arabia, Italy,....etc.

This table's wood were taken from an old and real railway in Indian, how cool ?!

Open from Saturday to Thursday: 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM Friday: 04:00 PM – 11:00 PM
Aura Panorama Mall, Riyad, Opening hours Contact number: +966 (0) 11 2813502 
Aura Mall of Dhahran, Eastern Province
Contact number: +966 (0) 13 8687121
Aura Red Sea Mall, Jeddah Contact number: +966 (0) 12 2151362


Instagram: auraliving

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Stay Clean & Dry All The Time

Don’t you just hate it when you are all ready to go out and then you suddenly feel that dreadful dampness down there? There is no need to worry anymore, as the panty liners by Carefree will make sure you are fully protected, leaving you feeling clean and dry all day long.You’re probably thinking, are panty liners the same as sanitary napkins? Panty liners are the smaller, more comfortable version of sanitary napkins that should be used when you don’t have your period. They are so thin that you don’t even notice they are there. Their role is to protect your underwear, absorb unwanted odours and are convenient for light discharge. They are also great for before and after your period as they effectively absorb small amounts of blood, which is perfect for protecting your underwear from staining.
 Carefree panty liners are ideal for daily use due to their careful design that ensures one of the most sensitive parts of your body is protected. The top layer is made from a soft cotton-like material that absorbs dampness into the middle layer leaving you feeling dry and comfortable. The middle layer neutralises unpleasant odours leaving you feeling fresh. The back layer protects your underwear, making sure that no dampness leaks through.
 Remember, intimate hygiene is not an option; it is something that must be adhered to everyday. From panty liners, to intimate wipes and intimate washes, you’re not only maintaining your intimate hygiene for yourself, but also for your husbands or future husbands. Carefree panty liners are here to protect your intimate area and ensure you are always comfortable. Let Carefree take care of you. 

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Join The Tea Club

Founded by Naemah Matar and her son Fayad AlDossary in Baharian and expanded to Dubai, in the steps to open around 29 Tea Salons in the whole Gulf area. After traveling the world and staying in so many hotels and having tea there.They decided to open their first Tea Club back in Bahrain, bringing tea leaves from all over the world. They brought tea from cities you never saw on the map, when I met them over team, we spent hours talking about the benefits of drinking tea, and the weird and funny story of drinking tea traditions within different cultures. The tea club has a huge seating area just in front of the Dubai Mall dancing fountain, I must say it is the best location ever. They have outdoors and indoors section. Beside the unique collection of tea they serve, they also serve all kind of different desserts for tea time, and they serve fine dinner and fresh juices (highly recommended the fresh cucumber and mint smoothie). You can also buy different kind of teas from there by the weigh. There is a glass room in the middle of the restaurant where all the rare kind of teas are. I entered the room, where Mr. Fayad kindly explained to us how they preserve tea to optimize the taste the benefits of the ingredients inside. I saw a special tea leaves that comes from China ad served in the very traditional weddings where after guests drink their tea, the leftovers from leaves is recollected for the bride to scrub her body with, to protect her from the evil eye. How interesting?!

 I have tried the chocolate mint tea, it was my first time to try it, it tasted like after 8 chocolate, the soursop was delicious, it has a different taste that I had tasted before in a fresh juice containing Soursop. My ultimate favorite was the Lavender tea. it is a very relaxing infusion of fresh Lavander that helps you relax and sometimes sleep. I don't advise to drink quantities of it and drive after, but it will work miracles if you want to relax or have insomnia. For the food I had tasting of a lot of the menu items, the mini burgers was beyond delicious, the shrimp tampoura with almonds, the ravioli that is stuffed with mushrooms and pistachio were to die for. The staff is highly trained and know a lot of info. about all kinds of tea, they are so passionate as much as the owners are. They are not just tea shop owners they are passionate people and collectors who want to share their passion with everyone.