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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Fabolous Fall/Winter collection by Kotton

Winter is by way my favourite season ever. I love the feeling of the freezing morning breeze against my face as I get out of the house, sipping hot chocolate, gathering at nights by the heater and winter clothes. Yes as contrary to most of the people I adore winter clothes, I believe they are so chic and elegant. Easy to style, layer and you can create endless looks changing just a jacket, scar or boots. I was thinking the other day that it has been awhile since I shopped for winter clothes since m last winter I spent in Australia where it was summer by that time, so I felt like I really miss wearing big knits, over-sized jackets and coats, and the boots I definitely missed the boots, I was thinking let's go window shop first and see the new collections, it was by the time I checked my email and found an invitation to Koton's latest Fall/winter collection launching party in Dubai. I was so excited I was on the next plane to Dubai, for the private preview of the collection. The event was held at the Radison Blu media city hotel. I had chance to meet the lovely team behind Koton Middle East, who kindly showed me my way around the collection display, explaining to me how the collection is inspired from the British 70's rock stars era, one of my favourite era in music, well I think it is everyone is favourite era not just me, I remember borrowing my dad's old cassette tapes and listening to them, and them watching these video clips for my fav. 70's rock and lusting over the edgy clothes..These clothes I saw that day by the Koton preview. Think tartan and lots of zippers with leather mini skirts, leather pants and boots, hound tooth coats with over-sized hats. The next collection for me to see was the Dallas, a collection much inspired by the cowboy culture, so we are speaking cowboy boots, fringes, browns and camel colours and the Mexican ponchos, I was never a poncho girl, but I really liked Koton's I even picked my favourite one, when I was asked to film about my favourite pieces. It is because they are so heavy and super trendy, they make you feel warm and at the same time they look great. Then comes the Lux collection which is a super feminine one,  ruffle silk blouses, chic skirts, elegant coats, classic pants and dresses, works fantastic for the working girls, or for classy outings. Their Denim collection is another great one, lots of trending models and colours with the most affordable prices ever, super quality and huge variety of sizes.
Now let's talk about kids wear,the had the cutest possible little pieces. It is like miniature pieces like the women's wear,same skirts, ruffles blouses and leather mini skirts...so cute, i wished I had a daughter when I saw them.

If you are looking to shop a huge divers collection with amazing quality and affordable prices,trendy cuts and faboulous colours head to the nearest Koton store and check their just faboulous collection.
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koton jeans

 Me talking about my favourite pieces in front of the camera, oh man I am too camera shy haha

Monday, September 15, 2014

Louboutin Beauté Launch

If you asked me, what was the best birthday I have ever had, I would tell you that one, when my husband got me, my first Louboutins as a gift. My love affair with the shiny patent black pointy heels with the gorgeous red sole is endless. And who won't a masterpiece made by Christian Louboutin. When I was in Dubai last week, I had the chance to attend the faboulous launching party of Christian Louboutin's beauty line. Finally Louboutin released their very first beauty product in the middle east (the nail polish range), a long awaited collection, that made every beauty/fashion loving girl around the globe running to the nearest Louboutin boutique to check them out.

 The party took place at Iris Dubai, a beautiful contemporary place, where the Louboutin team succeeded in transforming into an urban Parisian garden. There was a mock up of the same workplace, where Mr. Christian himself works on, and a lot of pieces and photos he gets his inspiration from. It was an elegant party and I was glad I got to know the just fabulous Louboutin team.
The collection is divided into three sets of colours, the neutrals, the darks and the bright colours, and crowning them all is the signature red nail polish. I loved how fancy the nail polish bottle is. It is nothing like something I saw  before, or I will ever see. The wand looks like one of Louboutin's signature heel, and the bottle contains a lot of the product. It is of a  premium quality, dries up completely in just few seconds. The long wand makes the manicure application easier, it is such a beautiful product, that makes my nails look gorgeous and looks great on m vanity. Looking forward for more beauty products from Louboutin.

Will be available in all Middle East boutiques by 1st of October.

Guests enjoying  a Louboutin Mani

The steps to the venue